We Can Sit Soon

I'm about ready to call an end to this celebratory season and just sit by the Christmas tree with a glass of wine as I watch the rest of it go by. Now that the major events are done, I'll be back to promoting this great business that I am trying to get off the ground.

Until I get this act together, enjoy these shots from the week's events.

Two of my favorite little people were in a fantastic Christmas production.

My cousin graduated from college!

And we can't finish the year without remembering those that have left us this year. This was a very special lunch at my church with a table set for each of our members who had died.

This season has been packed with so much but I am grateful for the time I have been able to spend with my friends and family. Merry Christmas, my friends.

#31DayBlogChallenge day #14 is done! We're not going to talk about the days that I missed. 

It's Party Season

The string of holiday parties has started.  Here are some shots from my company's party on the riverboat. You never know how a work holiday party will go but this was a good one.

How is your party season going so far?

#31DayBlogChallenge day #8 is done!