The Magnolia Planner

It was 15 years ago that I received my first Franklin Covey planner at my first job fresh out of college.  I fell in love, but there was always something not quite right about what was offered. The standard pages never worked for my job and for my life, so I always vowed that I would one day design my own.

It took years for me to sit and figure out how to do it, but here it is.  I am proud to announce the Magnolia Planner from Upstate Mississippi.

This initial collection is a digital evergreen (undated) solution designed for personal size planners. In addition to my custom daily and monthly pages, the collection includes project tracking pages designed for professionals who work multiple projects over the course of a week and need to track the hours.

The best part? It's on sale, NOW! Yes, NOW! In the shop. Yes, go and load up your planner for the new year. Welcome in 2016 with a new look.

#31DayBlogChallenge day #6 is done!

The Well Ordered Life



My first serious planner came with my first "serious" job: a new Franklin Covey binder and a set of pages each year. At some point in time, a company executive recognized engineers could be successful if they organized the tasks on their desks. This corporate value has waned in the fifteen years since I've been working, but it has stuck with me. So much so that it has become a drive and a passion.

When combined with a desire to be more than just a good employee, too many life conflicts start to come up for me. I want to cook. I want to sew. I want to scrapbook. I want to write. I want to serve my church. I want to do so many things, but none of them will get done if I don't learn to manage them all and to put each in its proper place. It will all fall apart if I don't take the time to get it in order. And for me, that's just not an option.

Having a well ordered life means something different to everyone. For some, it's about having peace. For others, it's about decluttering and organizing. Sometimes, it's about balance and learning to listen to God. For me, like many, it's a process of continually learning and growing.
Upstate Mississippi is my space for exploring the well ordered life and sharing what I learn with you. Whether that is sharing how I organize, showing how I balance it all, or developing a custom planning system just for you, you can find it all here.