Quilt Art

The AQS Quilt show was in Chattanooga back in September and I am still amazed at the beautiful pieces of work I saw. I am very, very, very new to quilting and I'm still determining if quilting is something that I'd like to do. I would love to believe that I could produce art of this quality and I'd be thrilled just to get to the honorable mention section! These were some of my favorites from the show. 

I must start off with the group I think steals the show every time... The Tentmakers of Cairo. This handmade beauty took my breath away.


I purchased the stencil for this tree and I am looking forward to making something out of it.


This pi quilt really spoke to the engineering geek in me. It was only on my second visit that I noticed the digits of pi in the border of the quilt. Awesome!


This piece was just gray and beautiful and I completely agreed with it's win of Best Use of Color.


This quilted portrait was nothing short of amazing. The beaded layers really made this stand out. I was surprised not to see an award badge attached.


More gray loveliness! Not only was this hand quilted but some of the elements were crocheted on. I would redecorate if it meant I could bring this home.


I have a few more pieces from the show that I want to show you but I'm holding on to them.  I am truly going to turn the inspiration into real-to-me projects. At least I'm going to try. More to come soon!

Happy Mother's Day

In honor of all the mommies out there and soon to be mommies in my life, I am doing a little sewing today.

Bibs, bunting and a little paper piece quilting.  All the patterns I'm using are free from Whitney over at


.  I've been following her for a while on

her YouTube channel

. I'll give you a bit of an update when these projects look a bit more finished.

I hope you all enjoy this day, whether you are a mommy, planning to be a mommy or content without.  We all deserve to enjoy these lovely Sundays.